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We elevate and amplify the voices within regenerative agriculture by telling true stories of land stewardship both online and on our gear. We aim to inform and inspire everyday people to join the movement and help generate a more resilient future for us all.


We partner with one organization in the regenerative movement on each collection we design. We are not a non-profit, but we don’t sell these clothes to make a big one either. We keep what we need to thrive and give the rest to our friends on the front lines. These are the farmers, ranchers, and organizations supporting their work.

Our Promise

Radically Transparent Philanthropy
You will always know exactly what amount is going to help fund change, who it is going to, and the impact of their work.

Mission-Aligned Merch
Our gear is never produced with unethical labor nor grown in chemically intensive, degenerative ways. We only offer items that align with the ideals of regenerative agriculture.


Regeneration Nation raised $360 for the Rodale Institute from the sales of the "Rebellious Consumption Hoodie."

These funds will be used to grow the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education.

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Collection 01

Regeneration Nation raised $850 for the Savory Institute from the sales of the "R.O.D. Soil Tee."

This funding will have a direct impact to help regenerate almost 3,000 acres of grasslands through Savory’s work across the globe.

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