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Growing up I was surrounded by fresh food — literally.

My family ran a produce distribution company, and I spent Saturdays at the warehouse with my dad. Food remained a focus as I fueled my body as a D1 athlete and later rejoined the family business formally in my twenties.

For years the symptoms of an autoimmune disease began to accelerate — even as I thrived in school, sports, and work.

Stressed out and suffering, I spent thousands of dollars seeking relief. I left my job. Moved states. And I tried every medical modality I could with little to no success. Only when I began to address the root of my issues did my healing journey begin. It all started with food - what I ate and where it came from.

Our food system had become radically disconnected from human well-being.

Even from the position of influence I held within the food industry, I couldn’t alter the tide of big agriculture. I knew all about the food system in terms of logistics and distribution, but I had no idea how to actually feed people or put a seed in the ground.

This was the start of my fascination with regenerative agriculture. Now my goal is to help others discover the holistic benefits of this emerging, yet ancient way of farming. We must act now for our soil, our health, and our planet.

Join me and help grow the regenerative movement.

— Anthony

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